Infinity Austin

A small but growing group of Infinity enthusiasts in the capital of Texas.

Upcoming and Recent Events

Date Location Event Title Tags
Sat, Oct 23 2021 Game Kastle Infinity Painting Course with Steve Garcia austin news hobby
Sat, Jul 24 2021 Game Kastle Grand Reopening austin news
Sun, May 16 2021 Emerald Tavern In-person games resuming austin news
Fri, Feb 22 2019 Game Kastle Super Cool ITS Tournament GKA2 austin tournament
Sat, Nov 24 2018 Game Kastle Super Cool ITS Tournament GKA1 austin tournament

Local area game stores and retailers

FLGS providing table space and Infinity miniatures. Huge selection of wargaming miniatures and hobby supplies. 20% discount for all preorders.
Product highlights:
  • Infinity Open Play (Sunday)
  • Infinity Miniatures
  • Infinity RPG
  • AK Interactive: 3rd Gen Acrylics, Xtreme Metal, Spray, Diorama Effects, Air Series
  • Vallejo: Hobby Spray
  • MIG Jimenez: Ammo
  • Army Painter
  • Reaper MSP
  • Formula P3

Locally-owned source for hobby supplies and more.
Product highlights:
  • Vallejo: Model Color, Model Air, Panzer Aces, Mecha Color
  • Scale75: ScaleColor, Kimera Kolors
  • AK Interactive: Abteilung 502, AK Interactive Weathering Enamels
  • Andrea Acylics
  • Humbrol
  • Alclad II
  • Tamiya

Board gaming and dining/bar space with a dedicated wargaming room and table space.
Product highlights:
  • Vallejo Game Color
  • Citadel Colour
  • Beer

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