Sci-Fi Keller Escalation League

2022 Escalation League

Event Timing

May 13, 2022 - July 1, 2022

Host Store:

Sci-Fi Factory


The league will consist of 4 rounds, two weeks each. Each round will focus on one aspect of the game. Check out the bonus challenges to win raffle tickets!

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Round 1, 150/3 points


  • Firefight

Focus: Basics (Move, Shoot, Dodge, Interact with Objectives), No Fireteams

Round 2, 200/4 points


  • Quadrant Control

Focus: Hacking, Command Tokens, Medics/Doctors/Engineers

Round 3, 250/5 points


  • Supplies

Focus: Fireteams

Round 4, 300/6 points


  • Countermeasures

Focus: Combine it all together and adapt to an ever-changing battlefield and objectives

Event Details

What:Sci-Fi Keller Escalation League
Where:Sci-Fi Factory Keller
When:Friday May 13, 2022