Board and Brew Infinity Bananarama

ITS Season 13 tournament at Board and Brew

Infinity Tournament in Northeast Houston

Register with your Corvus Belli ITS PIN at Official Event Manager

Board and Brew Games is hosting an Infinity Tournament!

Fee is $10, starts at noon. 300 points, 2 list, 3 rounds

All player levels are appreciated and welcome, but round times will be in effect. 1 hour and 45 minute hard line.

We will be using season special rules, and there will be table terrain rules as well. So be sure to bring some MSV and some terrain (any).

Please feel free to ask questions or address concerns in Discord or the Houston Area Infinity Gaming Facebook group.


  • Points: 300pts
  • Entry fee: 10$
  • Lists: Two printed lists with courtesy lists


  • Round 1: Mindwipe
  • Round 2: Armory
  • Round 3: Decapitation
Event Details

What:Board and Brew Infinity Bananarama
Where:Board and Brew Games
When:Saturday Aug 20, 2022