Infinity ITS Tournament

Another Infinity ITS Tourney here at Board and Brew!

No extras this time, 300 points, green classified deck. Looking at 3 rounds, unless we have a ton of turn out, in which case we’ll go to 4 rounds.

We have an ITS Prize Box and some other goodies for prize support, including a Fiddler!


  • Times: 1PM - 8PM
  • Entry Fee: $20
  • Member Entry Fee: $15
  • Points: 300pts


  • Round 1: Acquisition
  • Round 2: Firefight
  • Round 3: Unmasking
  • Round 4: Mindwipe (option)
Event Details

What:Infinity ITS Tournament
Where:Board and Brew Games
When:Saturday May 21, 2022
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