NTX Escalation League Finale Tournament

ITS Tournament marking the conclusion of the Escalation League

Please be sure to sign up in the OTM with your ITS login to make sure we have all the tables we need setup. Additionally, be sure to submit up to 2 lists through OTM!

All players are welcome, regardless of escalation league participation. For those new to ITS tournaments, this is a great opportunity to jump into the deep end and learn the game!

OTM Link: Infinity ITS Season 13 Event


  • Entry Fee: $15 (covers ITS prize pack and additional prize support)
  • Points: 300pts


  • Biotechvore
  • Frontline
  • Power Pack

Official ITS 13 Rules PDF

Event Details

What:NTX Escalation League Finale Tournament
Where:New World Gaming
When:Saturday Mar 26, 2022
Source:More Details