Infinity Austin Escalation League

N4 slow-grow escalation league

Event Timing

February 28, 2022 - May 22nd 2022

Host Store:

Game Kastle Austin


  • League Games do not need to be played at the host store
  • League consists of 4x multiweek blocks. The extra time should provide buffer against scheduling conflicts.
  • Points given for up to 3 games per block, fully painted forces, and various other bonus goals
  • Entry Fee: $5 (100% contributes to prize support)

To join in, send Troy 5$ (Paypal, Venmo, or Cash) along with your desired faction.


  • 8 points/game per played game, total 24 per block.
  • 6 points/block for being fully painted by the end of each block. Partial credit (2 points) for only being primed. As long as various units can be differentiated by opponents and spectators, and you’re happy with the look, full points will be granted.
  • Bonus points
    • 1 point/game: Spectator watches and/or asks about your game, unprompted
    • 1 point/game: Spectator rolls one of your FtF rolls for you
    • 3 points/total: Play at least one game with everyone else in the league
    • 1 point/total: Kill enemy lieutenant in CC
    • 1 point/total: Lose your lieutenant on turn 1, win the game
    • 1 point/total: Deploy first and go second, win the game
    • 1 point/total: Roll 2 crits in one burst
    • 1 point/total: Beat 2+ troopers in a split-burst
    • 1 point/total: Move a single model from one board edge to the other during a game (Block 2-4 only)
    • 1 point/total: Kill something through or inside of smoke (Added for Block 3)
    • 1 point/total: Post a picture and description of something cool that happens during your game to Discord (Block 4 only)

Prize support

The real reward here is quality gaming and fun times, but tangible rewards are nice too! The idea here is that you’re never out of contention to win something– just focus on accumulating as many points as possible every block! Prizes may change based on participation, and/or on the flow of the league over time, but only increasingly.


  • Random small stuff from ITS boxes, 3rd-party vendors, etc.

At the end of each block

  • Top 3: Draw from basic prize pile (Basic blisters, gift cards)
  • Max points (30): 5$ gift card

At the end of the league

  • Top 10: Draw from superior prize pile in descending points order
  • Max points (120): 10$ gift card
  • Fully painted 300 pt armies:
    • Randomized draw from prize pile
  • Most crits against:
    • Special prize

General guidelines

Even though lists won’t be officially validated, please provide a courtesy list for your opponent! To score points, be sure to submit pictures, and/or have your opponent report your result to Troy or in the #austin channel. Remember to keep track of the number of crits in the game, for each player, as there’s a prize for being unlucky at the end.

Please organize games amongst yourselves in Discord.

If you need help with anything during the league, don’t hesitate to contact Troy.

Block 1, 150/3 points

February 28 – March 13, 2022

Welcome to the Escalation League! In the first block, small games are meant to get some familiarity with basic missions, and are meant to be played fairly quickly. Play 1-3 games in 2 weeks, on a smaller table, with smaller forces.

Units with visibility-impairing equipment or skills, like smoke, are allowed, but usage of these is not allowed. Future blocks will be less restrictive. Unless you’re dead-set on playing a sectorial, try playing your vanilla faction instead, to try a broader availability of units. No links are allowed to help remove the advantage of limiting yourself to a sectorial.

In addition, no ITS extras or Intelcom will be used, so ignore all of this.

Mission Selection:

  • Annihilation
  • Firefight

No ITS Extras, so ignore anything about Blizzards on the map, Recon Bikes, or Defensive Turrets.

Army List Requirements

  • 150 points, 3 SWC
  • No TAGs, Link Teams, Smoke, or deployment of Impersonation Markers on opponent’s half
  • No Loss of Lieutenant or Retreat, 1 reserve troop max
  • Table size: 24"w, 32"d
  • Deployment Zones: 24"w, 8"d

Block 2, 200/4 points

March 14 – March 27, 2022

Continuing into block 2 , we’ll keep a few restrictions to help games continue to run fairly quickly. Missions shift from straight-up killing to territorial possession.

The same restrictions on TAGs, Link teams, Smoke are in effect, but Impersonators are allowed. Make sure your forces are positioned to reinforce each other from sneak attacks if you’re facing a faction that fields Impersonators!

In addition, no ITS extras or Intelcom will be used, so continue to ignore all of this.


  • Capture and Protect
  • Frontline

Army List Requirements

  • 200 points, 4 SWC
  • No TAGs, Link Teams, or Smoke. Impersonation is fine, as normal.
  • Table size: Standard 4’ x 4'
  • Deployment Zones: Standard according to Comlog’s specifications

Block 3, 250/5 points

March 28 – April 24, 2022


Block 3 missions relax all prior restrictions, introducing the ITS Extras rules. So, don’t forget your free bike in Acquisition! These missions were also chosen due to having a common map setup, with 3 objectives in the center. Will you keep deployment to protect the objectives with strong ARO pieces, or look to bum-rush the objectives, denying your opponent the first-mover advantage?

Oh, link teams, TAGs, smoke, etc. are fully playable. This is a 4-week block, allowing more time to get in the games and paint your army.


  • Acquisition
  • Supplies

Army List Requirements

  • 250 points, 5 SWC
  • Table size: Standard 4’ x 4'
  • Deployment Zones: Standard according to Comlog

Try the ITS Blizzards, Recon Bikes and Turrets, as specified by the ITS Season 13 Extras PDF.

Block 4, 300/6 points

April 25 – May 22, 2022


The final block of the escalation league opens up the full N4 ruleset, ITS Extras, and plays HVT missions.


  • Rescue
  • Unmasking

Army List Requirements

  • 300 points, 6 SWC
  • Table size: Standard 4’ x 4'
  • Deployment Zones: Standard according to Comlog
  • Try the ITS Blizzards, Recon Bikes and Turrets, as specified by the ITS Season 13 Extras PDF.
Event Details

What:Infinity Austin Escalation League
Where:Game Kastle
When:Monday Feb 28, 2022